In these times when information has become suspicious and confused, I remember writing a paragraph in a book several years ago on this theme which seems to me more topical than ever:

« Defining the term information means first of all specifying its nature. What is its target audience? What is the medium? Who is the audience for it? An individual, a group of individuals…?

There is a common denominator to all these definitions: knowledge.

Information serves above all to bring to light or increase the knowledge of an individual or a group. This knowledge is indispensable to life. It informs our decisions and influences our behaviour. »

Everyone remains free to analyse the current situation!

Everyone will, of course, agree that reliable information is relevant, but more often than not we do not pay attention to the context in which it is transmitted, nor to the context in which we receive it.

Our company is called Z#BRE, and its name is not a coincidence. No two zebras are the same and they are, by nature, very mobile. Their differences are reflected not only in their stripes, but also in their different behaviours.

Like the zebras, the employees and users of the premises are all different and have different personal expectations about their experiences in company buildings.

A favourable working environment is essential for the well-being of employees and paradoxically, when we enter a company or a building for professional use our experience becomes identical.

It seems imperative that instead of the personal touch that becomes impossible to materialise in workspaces, we feel not only welcomed but also that spaces, offices, lockers regain an identity that recreates personalisation.

That we feel informed and, above all, that the information is intended for us.

Without being too intrusive, technology must now allow this!


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Co founder – CEO at Z#BRE