Imagine that your company’s sheets of paper are automatically updated according to the information you wish to disseminate and that you can personalise and contextualise it in real time! That office assignments change with the pace of bookings, that the direction of traffic can be adapted to events, that PPE regulatory displays are always up to date. Imagine that internal communication spreads its messages throughout the company in just one click and that visitor badges indicate the location of the appointment… that the uses become as infinite as the data sources.

Z#BRE editor of the first IoT & IA platform for services allows users to easily interface any data source for intelligent and automatic updating of « labels » in the field. These new solutions also allow the display of QR Code and interaction via a smartphone.

EZWorkspace is the leader in electronic paper-based digital signage for work environments. Its wireless and 5-year standalone electronic labels come in all sizes. They deploy in the environment as simply as a sheet of paper.

  • Efficient, information is updated instantly, anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to use, choose a template, assign it to the labels and spread the message.
  • Save time, no need to print or change the content of each label.
  • More economical, labels can be installed without wiring and reused over and over again.
  • Greener, switch to zero paper and eliminate the consumption of traditional screens.
  • Totally flexible, the labels can be redeployed as needed.

Published by
Côme Pinchart