Get the most out of your meeting spaces

Because it is impossible to plan all its meetings in advance, the meeting room solution will facilitate employee collaboration and improve their productivity.

  • Digital management
  • Remote control
  • Increase your occupancy rates
  • Respect privacy
  • Personalize the environment
  • Wireless devices – 5 years autonomy

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    You wish to simplify the use of your meeting rooms.

    Display the plan of the spaces with the occupation in real timeDisplay booking information outside the rooms

    Number of rooms involved

    Replicate the information inside the room, wifi code, and indicate to the users the end of the meeting.Benefit from decision support to optimise rooms

    Your company

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      Vous souhaitez simplifier l'utilisation de vos salles de réunion.

      Afficher le plan des espaces avec l'occupation en temps réelAfficher les informations de réservation à l'extérieur des salles

      Nombre de salles concernées

      Votre société

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