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Z#LINK for Smart Buildings

Your buildings are alive! Leverage IoT to  get them smarter

Client requests – Service orders – Satisfaction surveys – Traffic monitoring – Space optimization – Devices management.


Configure your own IoT – Supersize & trigger next-best-actions – Manage lifecycle of your devices  – Bring end-user Services in your buildings & commit on quality – Analyse data – Visualize on maps.

Z#LINK for Social care

At the service of the elderly people and their relatives

Check services in/out – “Link button” for relatives – Satisfaction surveys – Community of caregivers – Heat/cold warnings.


Control operations & align payment – Web portals according to profiles (General counsel, Care providers, Relatives, Logistics) – Connectors / APIs with legacy systems – Mobile App.

Z#LINK for your imagination

A full solution to reinvent your business, help you grow & succeed

Customizable smart devices, business platform to be configured, mastering of security & technologies, IoT ecosystem partners


Configure your Business logic, create communities,  leverage your Data Insights, ensure Privacy & Security, manage your fleet of Smart Devices, link service partners, end-users & legacy IS

Enabler of connected business